Mar 19 2012

Cherry Scones

For a while now I’ve been looking for the perfect scone recipe. For me, a scone should be light, well risen (but not toweringly tall), slightly crumbly inside, nicely browned and above all taste delicious!
It shouldn’t be to “cakey” inside and it doesn’t have to be perfectly formed with dead straight sides. Scones should be rustic and slightly misshapen, they should look like they were made by hand, not in a factory.

Cherry Scones

In my quest for the perfect scone, I asked my friends on Twitter, Facebook and CIX for their recipes, tips and tricks. I searched the internet and looked through all my baking books, comparing all the different recipes. I combined everything together and baked several batches, trying different techniques and oven temperatures. I’m not saying the recipe below is perfect, but they are the best scones I’ve made so far!

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Oct 8 2011

Traditional Trifle

This week I was asked to make a trifle for a friends christening. I absolutely LOVE trifle but I don’t get to make it very often so I jumped at the chance.


Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect trifle, some people like more custard, some people like less cream, others prefer jelly in the bottom and some people (if you can believe it), don’t like trifle. Below is my version of the traditional English trifle. It’s a fairly simple recipe but has lots of scope for changing things to your own taste.

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